Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm in love!!

I'm in love...y'all some nosey people! LMAO



Anonymous said...

I am sure you now have broken te hearts of millions of people who can but dream of meeting and greeting someone as beautiful and interesting as yourself or at least one. I first saw your picture in the Jet centerfoid and decicded to see if I could see more pictures and get more detailed information aout you if you are as well rounded as you say someone is a very blessed person. I exect to see plenty of you in the future kept in the public eye the bible says that your gifts will make ways for you so look out world Nikki is on her way.

MixxmasterMidas said...

Well, you can just bet Nikki is just who she says she is. Just being around her is motivation to accomplish anything. She is real, a good person to know and a great friend. Keep doing what you are doing Nikki, you are a blessing!

slydog said...

I only have one comment/question. Since your blog was written in October '07 are you still in Love? If you are good luck and continued success in your relationship and if not continue to blog so we who read your blog can keep up with what's going on in your life.